Overview of Full time support worker Part time Support worker Casual Support worker Subcontractor

Type of support workers
Full timePart timeCasualSubcontractor
Annual LeaveYesYesNoNo
Medical LeaveYesYesNoNo
Income StabilityAbsoluteHighMediumLow
Job Allocation PriorityHighMediumLowLowest
Legal SupportFullMajorityPartNo
Accounting SupportFullFullFullNo
Audit SupportFullPartPartNo
Tax RelatedBy CompanyBy CompanyBy CompanyOn one’s own
EquipmentsFull support with damage coveragecase by casecase by caseNo
TrainingProvided by CompanyAdvised by ComapnyConsulted by CompanyOn one’s own
Incident liabilityreport to companyreport to companyreport to companyMostly on One one’s own
Team Support
(W/ HR Support)
Any medical and professional team support any timeStandard supportLow supportNo Support
Second Job for other companyNoNot conflictingNot ConflictingNot Conflicting
Hourly Rate
depending on skill level
$20- $32$20 – $32$25 – $38by Contract
Travelling supportYesonly for workrestricted working scenarioNo support
public liabilityBy CompanyBy companyBy CompanyOn one’s own
professional indemnityBy CompanyBy CompanyBy CompanyDepending on contract
Other regulationsFull coverFull coverFull coverNo Cover
Contract typeEmploymentEmploymentEmploymentSubcontractor